Monday, 15 April 2013

Balloon Safari!

Last Saturday afternoon was workshop day with our younger young learners, and the theme was "Treasure Hunt in the Park". Unfortunately, the weather was not great last week so the plan got tweeked a bit (couldn't leave clues in the rain!)

Secondary problem was that two of our less controllable young boys were coming, and we were going to be walking along the road. Inspired idea, even though I say so myself, was tying them together to make it a more co-operative, three-legged walk. The result was hilarious...trying to go in different directions, not listening to each other, both trying to be the leader, falling over etc but NOT going anywhere quickly or off course! Couldn't stop laughing!

I had chalked a course along the side of the roads, to lead us to a nearby park, with a balloon icon & arrows to the next clue. The chalk will wash away. I had tied some balloons around the park, with their names written on them, atop the slide, climbing frame, etc with a small bag of smarties (OK, M & Ms) as a prize. Oddly, the balloons more cherished! No longer three-legged, the boys got brave & climbed to rescue their names!

We played catch in the park, and wore ourselves out, before marching back, locked in step, to count our balloon markers. Counting in context - they pointed back along their course visualising the marker locations - and together. Memorable giggle for me; I thoroughly recommend taking YLs to the park - if safe & you have permission - to get some fresh air and different dynamic. And try tying the miscreants together?

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