Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Ear-rings from Frankfurt - after reading

Jennifer is a quiet, sensible person, and she is a kind sister, so she can never say ‘no’ to Richard, but she is sometimes cross with him.
Richard is Jennifer’s brother, and he is fifteen years younger than she, and he has had a lot of girl friends, but he thinks Wendy is very, very special. 
Wendy is Richard’s girl friend, but she couldn’t find him after her birthday party, so she went to his sister to ask for help.
Kelly was Richard’s and Wendy’s boss, and he uses other people for criminal business but he is a criminal, so he is in prison now. 

I have sisters and if they ask me for help, I try to help them . Of course they are good sisters, not like Richard. First I thought Richard was a bad brother for Jennifer , but when I finished reading this book, I didn't think so. I think if person do a very good thing, it can cover the bad things which the one did before. I think person is able to make a new start in life when he/she change a mind. 

It was interesting story and it was fun.  

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