Friday, 1 November 2013

An unusual wedding - after reading "Tales from Longpuddle"

The most unusual wedding I have ever been is my best friend’s wedding.
It was the trend that they have a wedding party at the small house like a party at their own home. The small house has a beautiful garden with the gate. We can go through the gate to enter the garden. There were a lot of sweets and drinks which we can eat and drink anything we want during the time waiting for the bride and groom.

The bride came to the garden at first. She wore the white wedding dress with white grove and small brilliant tiara. That was most beautiful moment that I have ever seen her. While we talked with her, the groom came to the garden. He rode a white horse wearing white suits! It looks like prince on a white horse.

In fact, the groom loves all animals especially for horses and he wanted to be veterinary surgeon. Now his job is not related to animals, one of his hobbies is to ride a horse.

That was the unusual wedding I’ve ever been to, but nice and fun wedding as well.

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