Thursday, 14 November 2013

Carpet (reading) Sharks - giggles attached!

Regular readers will know @OUPGlobalELT 's fabulous #StoryTree series is the best #YLE graded reader series around. For one thing, you can put your foot on it!

Eleanor & Hina had a carpet-based lesson after a couple of #Starters preparation-style classes. They can mow the materials usually but in an exam...brain freeze?! Love their answers anyway (last year Eleanor wrote her own name in every spare space...this year plain gibberish!)

The girls stagger me with how much they can do - and annoy me with how much fun they have not doing...make any sense? They can do stuff, but don't, messing around with language instead. Re-arranging words, giggling at ridiculous constructs and mis-reading wors to sound worse! Which, truth be told, is very clever, isn't it?! This means they are scanning ahead. This means they actually do understand meaning and are substituting. This shows they can manage subtle word-play, can read and misread, can follow text and refer ahead and backwards. And all of that is some kind of superb!

Where do your #YLE s read? Do you ask them to read out loud or do something with text/spelling/vocabulary?

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