Monday, 25 November 2013

My favourite building - Horyuji temple, Nara.

Horyuji temple near Nara
Horyuji temple near Nara (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The oldest building in Japan is Horyuji temple. It is in west Nara.

It was designed by Shotokutaisi. It was built 1300 years ago.

Kudara Kannon is one of the most beautiful statues of Buddha  in the world. Kudara Kannon was a secret statue for a long time.

Nandaimon is a Japanese style gate.  There are two statues in Nandaimon. One statue is "a" . This statue's mouth is open. The other one is "un" . This statue's mouth is shut.

Inside the Koudo building it is quite dark. There are a lot of  interesting statues of Buddha inside.

One of the best buildings in Horyuji is Gojyu-no-to pagoda. There are five rooves. It is 34 metres tall.

It costs 1000 yen to enter.  

Written by Kaoru
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