Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Snuggle up with a nice graded reader!

Where do you like to read? 

Personally, I'm a bath browser, and I like to stay in there with a decent read until my fingers have gone all wrinkly and the water gone cold (love the reheat button on my Japanese bath, heh heh!)

My daughter reads how I used to - upside down with feet stuck up a wall or the back of the chair. Comfy!

At Luna we recommend that children (and adults) get into graded readers, and to do so in the comfort of home - instill that reading habit etc. Realistically though, we know we need to spend class time from time to time making sure we are literally on the same page...kids 'forget to do' or mummy forgets to enforce etc. This class reading does not need to be a dull drudge though; many ways to make the books work, especially with Young Learners:
Headful of readers
  • find a page with the word _____ in it
  • find a page with a picture of a ______
  • listen to the CD & pause it - what is the next word going to be?
  • 'stoopid teacher' reads the book but makes mistakes - shout out the corrections
  • books open on table, children race to spell (target/new/reviewed) words, as teacher calls them out, onto the board
  • make a word cloud of the story & use that for a group re-telling
  • use cuisennaire rods to re-build the story
  • record a 'team read' - use eg Talking Tom for line by line efforts
  • ham it up - act out the story/take roles
Irregular past tenses
More involved texts offer you plenty of chances to review e.g. irregular past tense verbs or to listen carefully & pick up the different -ed sounds of regular past tense verbs.

Readers + Quizlet
Another tie in is using Quizlet - in or out of class, on PC or on smartphones/iPads etc. You can use Quizlet in a myriad of ways, not just vocab definitions or matching objects with images; breaking sentences into halves, matching collocates, matching opposites, matching speakers with quotes or actions etc.You can explore our resources on Quizlet - just search for "LunaTeacher" - why not join a 'class' - it's free.

Word of warning though - don't use your iPad in the bath!

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