Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Dracula - after reading report

A lot of films have been made of this story! 

Write about your favourite version, explaining why; include details about the director, actors etc...

I know about the story of the Count Dracula and a lot of films have been made of this story, but I have not ever watched the film of this story itself actually. But I have watched a lot of similar films with Vampire theme. The most impressive film is “Interview with the Vampire”. As you may know, very famous actors and actresses like Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Christian Slater appeared on the screen. Even only this made me very interested. Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt ware known as handsome actors in those days. I was very interested in how they play the role of the villain like vampire. The result was successful. They played the difficult role excellently. Especially, Tom Cruise looked like a real vampire. Moreover, this film was not just a horror film. It showed the history of vampire family, how they became vampire and lived as a vampire. This point of view was very great. It is like an epic of vampire family. In case you have not watched this film, I will recommend you watching it absolutely.

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