Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Noisy little boys - after reading The Canterville Ghost

There are two noisy little boys in the story; are they familiar? 

Write about any noisy young children you know, and why you like (or don't like) them.

I have a niece and a nephew. As my older sister's house is near my living place, I often go to her house and stay with her, the niece
and the nephew. Since they were very little, they always talk to me at the same time or try to talk to me while another one is talking with me. As they were talking to me continuously even if another one still talk with me, I always admonished them that they have to talk to me one by one and listen the talk of another one. Now they are 13 years-old and 11 years-old but sometimes still keep me crazy. However, I like to talk with them as I can feel they have been growing by what they talk. Especially for the niece is very talkative, she often call me or LINE me to talk about her friends, schools and her parents.

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