Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Imagine you are the Canterville Ghost. Write a letter to the Otis family compaining about them & their behaviour!

Dear Otis family,

Welcome to my house. I tried to frighten your family, but you could not be afraid of me... Please, please surprise me!! Because it's my job, that's why I'm here for over three hundred years. My heart was broken. Don't say kind words for me. Don't hurt me.. Especially your twins. They are pickle. I believe parents have a responsibility to nurture your children. Imagine, twins are in school, they do many tricks. It may hurt other kids or things in the school. And when they grow up, are there any woman to marry with your kids if they cannot stop doing to me.
Fortunately, your girl, Virginia is lovely girl. Please rise your twins like Virginia. They will be good boys.

I have a request for you. Please visit Garden of Death once a year if you can. At that time, please tell me your story what is happen in your life. I'm really happy to hear that because your family were very kind for me.

I hope you can live happy!

Posted for Miyuki