Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Jungle Book - after reading: a respected teacher

Mowgli gets a lot of good advice from his teachers. Write about a teacher you respected and why their advice was important for you.

I was learning calligraphy when I was a student. I was not a good student at all. I went to the school because my friends went to. I didn’t go there when it was too cold to go out in winter. As a matter of course, I had bad writing. My friend always told me that they could not read my letter. I was wasting lecture fee.

We have a culture called, Kakizome that we do calligraphy at the beginning of the year, 2nd Jan usually. My calligraphy school was joining a calligraphy association, which constituted of several calligraphy schools in my city, and one day, the association held Kakizome meeting. Students of other calligraphy schools gather city center. We did calligraphy and those teachers taught us how to fix our letters.

I went to the meeting because my teacher recommended. I spent the boring meeting time, and wrote ugly letter like I did calligraphy in my school. In the end of the meeting, one of the teachers gave us speech, and his word hit me in my mind.

He said, “You must not compare your writing with the one of other people. You do calligraphy to face yourself. Calligraphy is not a competition. You must improve your writing from yours yesterday.”

Since then, although my calligraphy was still ugly, my attitude against calligraphy was changed. It was only one time to see him, but he is one of my respecters.

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