Friday, 25 April 2014

Spring is here - time to dust off your hats

The long and cold winter months are over and we are now well into spring, thank goodness! I was told before arriving in Matsumoto that does get a bit chilly during the winter months, but I was totally unprepared for the bitter cold and especially not the monster snowfall in February! Now it's April and the temperature is hotting up (I would be calling this summer weather if I was still in England!), I'm starting to wonder if my 3 sets of thermal underwear were a wise investment.

To prepare for the warm and sunny spring season some of my students set out on making some hats to keep us nice and cool in the spring sunshine. Nobody likes getting sunburnt. We used paper plates to create the hat itself and decorated them with a spring theme using crayons and templates of flowers (cherry blossoms included of course!), which we coloured, cut out and stuck on. Koutarou came up with the interesting idea of adding blades of grass to his hat.

Busy decorating
We had some, who we hope to be future students, observing/joining in with the class whilst we were making our spring hats. I hope they got a taste of how fun and creative we can be here at Luna and will be joining us soon! Also I wonder if we will be seeing any of these designs at the next Paris Fashion Week!? Maybe we could get Jim sensei to model them and add them to his portfolio.

About the 8th attempt of trying to get a group shot!
We had bags of fun getting imaginative and putting together our spring hats, whilst I on the other hand had a lot less fun trying to get them all to stand still with their hats on so I could take a good group picture.  I have to say though I am slightly jealous that I don't have my own custom spring hat to take home with me. What a cool way of staying cool!

Damian Gowland

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