Thursday, 1 May 2014

Interview with a vampire: After reading Dracula

Imagine you are a reporter for a popular women's magazine. 

Think of six interesting questions your readers would ask "Drac" - and the answers he might give.

Question 1. If you are woken up by someone during daytime, what do you do?
Answer 1. I will never wake up during daytime, but I will remember who waked me up and visit him or her to get blood.
Question 2. What kind of foods or drinks do you want to have besides blood?
Answer 2. I would like to try to drink alcohols like beer and sparkling wine. I am interested in drinking sparkling one that blood does not have.

Question 3. If you are human being and can go anywhere, where do you want to go?
Answer 3. I have never seen beautiful and shiny blue sea. I want to go Bali and swim under the sun.

Question 4. Do you think that you can win if you fight with lion?
Answer 4. I am afraid that I cannot win… It is much bigger and stronger than me. If I see it, I will hurry to escape.

Question 5. Do you wash your cloth?
Answer 5. I have been wearing a cloth and never washed my cloth.

Question 6. Do you like to buy new clothes?
Answer 6. Yes! I am interested in fashion for young people. I would like to try to wear loose clothes as my suit is tight especially when I am sleep.