Sunday, 18 May 2014

The importance of attending a funeral

 After reading "The Bride Wore Black" - writing exercise:

In my memory, I have been to funeral twice. One was for my grandfather, and other was for my friend.

I think funeral was the time to send-off the late person to the other world. And people can say good-bye to the late person. And also people can forget to cry because of busyness for preparation the funeral.

When I attended my friend’s funeral, I met a lot of my old friends. We talked about our student’s life and recent situation. Of course we talked about late person. She was a leader of one of girl’s group. I could remember about her clearly.

When the dates of funeral have come, I remember about them. I think this is also important for them or their family.

There are some pictures which we took them at the day of my grandfather’s funeral. They are family’s pictures. But all of us were smile. I was shocked and very sad when he died. But I was smile. Because I could talk about him a lot and I could say good-bye. I thought all of our family was same.
So I think it is important to attend the funeral.

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