Monday, 26 May 2014

Jungle Book - similar stories? After reading...

The Jungle Book is about a boy raised by animals. Write about a similar story in your culture.

I have read the same story in Japanese comics once.

Japanese most famous comic artist, Tezuka Osamu drew the comic “Black Jack”. I have read the same one as one series in that comics.

I think Tezuka Osamu probably has drawn the story based on “Jangle book”. Or, I think he wanted to introduce this story to Japanese people.

“Black Jack” is the story of the doctor, Black Jack who does not have the official license for doctor, but has top caliber. He could succeed any difficult surgeries, but always charges his patients for very high operation fee instead. The boy raised by the wolves was took to the doctor to adapt the boy to the human world after the boy was abandoned by everyone. I think this was just the story in the case Mowgli returned to the human world afterward. However, the boy ended up to return to jungle in this story, too, although Black Jack tried the various scientific ways on the boy. Black Jack seldom fail his surgeries, but he could not do anything about the boy raised by the wolves. This story finished by advising us ineffectuality of human.

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