Tuesday, 27 May 2014

After reading Double Trouble...creative writing

 Write about a home-stay visit you have made.

When I was 17 years old, I went to Salt Lake City in U.S. and had a home-stay at there for a week.

It was my first time to go abroad. This home-stay program was planned by Matsumoto city and arranged by JTB. Matsumoto city is the sister-city relationship with Salt Lake City of Utah, and there is a home-stay program every year.

I stayed a small family together with another participant. They are a family of three. Father was a professor of Utah University. Mother stayed at home, their daughter was primary school student. They were believers in Mormonism as the city is very famous for Mormonism.

As my English level was not so high, I often talked with the daughter and play with her friends in the yard. Host mother and father had a barbeque party in the yard and we enjoyed the dinner. I had a lot of activities like river trip, attend the parade, and study English at University together with the groups who attend the program.

It was very amazing experience and all things were new and interesting to me!

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