Thursday, 8 May 2014

After reading: New Yorkers & menial jobs

Write about your experience doing a menial job eg waiting or waitressing

I actually have a lot of experience as a waiter. The first experience was when I was a high school student. I worked at Japanese style bar. After I worked there three months, I started working at family restaurant. This job was very enjoyable and I ended up to work there for long time intermittently. Furthermore, I have made a lot of friends who is close even now there. When it comes to technical matter, I learnt how to have many dishes. As the result, I could have seven pieces of dishes finally. After I entered university, too, I worked as a waiter at another restaurant. However, I had a little different experience as a waiter when I was university student. That was a waiter at a place for the wedding. I was dispatched to the different place every time. However, the wedding is the very important event for bride and groom as we all know. Accordingly, I was not allowed to make any mistake at all, although I almost came to fall to the ground by stumbling on a spot light. This was very tough job.

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