Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Death at Hadrian's Wall - after reading

Write about a long (overnight) walk you have made. Where, when, who was the weather & how did you feel?

I went to hiking in Chinese wall with my friends. We went there in Spring. We've never been there both of us and we were scared and excited. Before starting hiking, we'd remember some phrases in Chinese. We'd better batten down the hatches.

On the date, we were in Beijing and took a taxi to Chinese wall. Our pack was so heavy which was included a lot of food, water and tent. We had mobile phone. First day, we walked and walked. Our foot was soared. Around was dark, we put up a tent. We cooked rice with strove. After ate dinner, we talked about a long date. " It was really hard for my body, but the view was really beautiful." While speaking, we fell asleep. In early morning, we started to walk. We walked along the wall. There were some hikers like us and we spoke them in Chinese! Some people could not understand but smiling each other. In the end of day, my friend talked me about her feeling. She had a lot of trouble in her job. She wanted to forget it to go China. Her feelings was became lighter to walk.

Next day, when we were walking slowly, we met French couple. They also came to there to hike. We talked with them and we became friends. They were so nice people. They tried to travel around Asia. In the evening, we put up tent closely and took dinner together. We exchanged our foods. We could eat French meal which was tasty.

And then we hiked with them until final place. During that time, I learned many French words. We promised that visit home each other.

I thought my experience was value for my long life!

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