Friday, 30 May 2014

After reading "Stranger Danger"

My hiking trip...

There was customs around my county to go hiking when I was elementary school student. At fifth grade, I went to a camp place where is located in East of Nagano prefecture.

The first day, we learned how to use saw by cutting wood actually. A bird expert taught us what kind of birds were in the forest and head their actual voice.

After we learn about forest, we divided 6 or 7 parties, and built up tent. This is the time to make team work, and grow self-initiative.
Some members of the party built tent and others went to fetch branch to lit fire for cooking. All parties made curry. Some parties cooked rice over, and some parties made light taste curry. All task was fresh and fun for me.

The next day, we had a game, called orientation. Each team gets a map, and find points which are located in the map. After they find all points, they go to goal. The faster team to go to goal is the winner. My team had a nice team work and could win the first prize.

It was fun camping, and I could learn team work.

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