Friday, 23 May 2014

After reading The Black Night...thieves in the night!

There is a very valuable painting on display in a local gallery. Describe your plan to steal it without getting caught.

First of all, I will case the scene very carefully. I will check how many security guard, how is the alert system, let alone how is the location and when the gallery opens and closes. And then I will enter into the gallery during daylight. And I will look for the place I can hide until the night. And I will wait there until the night.

Next, I will look for the gateway I can escape during night, for example the window or exhaust outlet. I will never bite off. If I cannot find the best gateway, I will go home from the front door without doing anything after I wait until the gallery opens. If I find the gateway, I will try to escape from the gateway without stealing the painting. I will repeat that again and again. I don’t know how long it takes. But, if I find the best gateway finally, I will perpetrate the theft plan. I will go to the gallery during the daylight as if nothing had happened. And I will hide the place and wait until the night as usually. I will steal the target painting and escape from the gateway I have already found.

This is my plan.

Posted for Hiroshi