Saturday, 17 May 2014

An orang-utan writes: "Hello Sailor!"

Write a letter from the orang-outang to the sailor, telling him how you feel about your time together on the ship and in Paris.

Hi sailor,

I'm writing this letter for you because I ate a nut which is able to understand human languages and write words. I can imagine how you are surprised!!

I try to describe my feeling when I was together you on the ship and in Paris. I would like you to know our true character.

When I met you first time in island of Borneo, I was very scary, afraid of you/ human.. I'd never met like you before. I could not understand what you spoke. Suddenly I was caught by human. I tried to escape from you but I couldn't. It made me really angry since I was uprooted from my home island!! You delivered me on board. It was terrible for me during on the ship. I was in cage which was small for my big body.

I don't know how long I traveled from leaving my home.. At the last, I arrived a place, of corse I didn't know where I was. Some sailor said " We are in Paris". Then I was in your home. There were a lot of staff in your home. I was interested in them. Although you took care me, I wanted to go back to my island. I want living my family freely.

I saw many humans in Paris. I wonder if they mash up me, so I pretend forbidding behavior. Please don't decide our, Orang-outang is dangerous. We are gentle animals.
I hope you never snatch other orang-outang onward.

Posted for Miyuki

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