Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Mississippi River - Chinasa's backpack: after reading Huckleberry Finn

You are going to travel down the Mississippi River like Huck. 

Describe what you will take with you, and why.

I will take a lot of foods, clothes, compass, gun, and bulletproof glass. The reasons are as below.

First is food that is most important for me. I am not sure how long it takes for the journey, so I would like to take foods as much as possible. I will choose breads mainly since it can keep it longer than rice ball.

Second is cloth. I think that I will feel cold on the river. I would like to take outer clothes as much as possible so that I can adjust body temperature properly.

Third is compass. The Mississippi River is so big, so I may be lost. I should know the location that I am by using compass and move boat at the correct direction.

Fourth is gun. I think the Mississippi River is dangerous. If some dangerous animals like crocodile attack me, I will kill them by gun to protect myself.

Last one is bulletproof glass. Not only animals but also some people may attack me by gun or arrow. If I protect myself by bulletproof glass, I will be safe.

I want to take many things on boat. Now, I am afraid that the boat may go down due to heavy luggage…

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