Thursday, 22 May 2014

The Show Must Go On - after reading

Describe a sporting occasion that you participated in, when you got very excited/lost your temper

This was more than twenty years ago, but I recall when I was in the basketball team at my junior high, my coach always used to put me on the bench. Looking it back now, I think that was for the best, as I was not as tall as the others in the team, and my basketball skills left a lot to be desired. However, when we made it to the finals in the last tournament in our school life, he gave me a chance to play in the very last match. At the time, as I was also a member of our cheering squad, he was expecting me to call out loud for everyone to get motivated so we could give the match everything we had. Since it was so sudden that he told me to play as a substitute, I totally lost myself and just had to shout out some stupid and meaningless words only babies could barely understand. Although it was quite embarrassing and we even lost the match, it is also one of the very exciting and memorable stories of my school life.

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