Thursday, 29 May 2014

After reading Hadrian's Wall - other walks

I'm a hiker...

During the spring and autumn from2 years ago, I am climbing a nearby mountain once a month with our colleagues and bosses.
And I am trying to climb big mountain with about 1,000M difference of elevation 1-2 times per season.

First, I though I would give up a hill climbing soon because I didn't have much physical energy and very very hard for me.
But, by repeating the hill climbing and pre-training, I felt the followings.
* I gained strength in physical energy by little and little
* The view of mountains are very very very beautiful
* The lunch at the top of the mountain is very delicious even though it is a rice ball bought in convenience store.

So, I want to continue regular exercise and keep current physical energy to see beautiful views and have delicious lunch at the top of the mountain.

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