Tuesday, 5 August 2014

My home town - Azumino

DAIO Wasabi Farm (Azumino, Nagano, Japan)
DAIO Wasabi Farm (Azumino, Nagano, Japan) (Photo credit: t-mizo)
Dear Marcello,

Thank you for your inquiry.
Azumino is located in Nagano prefecture.
You will come to here in about three hours by express Train from Tokyo.
In the recommended spot, hot springs, museums and wasabi garden.
Wasabi garden is the most popular tourist place in Azumino.
I think trip's best season is early summer.
It is almost sunny and temperature is around 20 degrees in May.

Winter is very cold. Sometimes temperature becomes -10 degrees.
But you can enjoy in winter.
Because you can watch swans, and enjoy illuminations in national park in Azumino.
Please come to Azumino.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,

K Maruyama

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