Monday, 25 August 2014

Kamikochi information requested

English: Kamikochi in Matsumoto, Nagano prefec...
Kamikochi in Matsumoto, Nagano prefecture, Japan  上高地   (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Kamikochi is about 40km west of Matsumoto.  It is one of the most beautiful mountain parks in Japan. There is a beautiful green forest, an icey cold river, waterfalls, beautiful old lakes, and massive tall mountains, many over 3,000 meters high.

There is a lot of wildlife in Kamikochi. There are friendly wild monkeys, secretive rare Ptarmigan, dangerous black bear and shy quiet deer. There are also pretty chirpy birds.

Our summers are lovely and cool, with clear blue skies. You can go camping in safe cheap camp sites and hiking along easy enjoyable tracks. You can go boating in interesting small boats, and  take photographs of beautiful natural scenes.

In winter, there is heavy snow, with good snow-shoeing spots. 

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