Thursday, 21 August 2014

Voice in Silence - Shigeki Tomura’s Drawing and Drypoint etching Exhibition

Shigeki Tomura's work
Shigeki Tomura’s Exhibition “Voice in Silence” will be open on September 11 at Trattoria Gallery Matsumoto. Shigeki Tomura was born in east-northeast in Japan and he lives in Morioka-Iwate, now. Since 1984, he has been dedicated to drypoint etching. Drypoint is a printmaking technique, in which an image is incised into a traditionally copper plate with a hard-pointed needle. He has received some international prizes since 1989. His works are extremely delicate and sensitive. They are in monochrome silence world. You can feel real air and deep atmosphere in the works. His works are very quiet but they have great presence. His works are really popular for people. It will be his first exhibition in Matsumoto city. 
The gallery restaurant “Torattoria Gallery Matsumoto” is a unique style gallery restaurant in the city. Many kinds of homemade pizza and pasta are popular.