Thursday, 14 August 2014

World flag - design and describe

A recent little project some of my adult students have been doing, which at the time coincided with the FIFA World Cup, is a lesson plan from Beyond: Knowledge: Geography. The website offers a variety of resources and fully prepared lesson plans with materials for free, with even more to be unlocked from joining their "Staff Room". The lesson plan focuses on identifying and describing flags, alongside giving students an opportunity to design and create their own world flag. For this task I asked my students to be as original and inspiring as possible with their designs. So I would like to present to you a collection of "world flags", accompanied by a brief description.

Misako's design
I imagine everlasting world.
Pale blue part means sky.
Blue part means sea.
Read part means the sun.
Four leaves clover is a symbol of peace, hope, human love, fortune.

Misuzu's design
The green part is an earth.
The pink part is flowers covering the earth.
The blue part is sky.
Please imagine if you go to space, you can see the earth like this shape from spaceship window.

Yuuko's design
This flag has on green background.
It's football field.
In the middle, there is peace mark.
This year is FIFA world cup year.
FIFA world cup entertained all over the world people.
Sports games makes a world happy and peace.

Reiko's design
This flag has black background.
There are a big blue circle in the middle and olive leaf on the big circle.
And this have one big circle and one medium circle seven small circles slantingly and straight.
One medium circle is on bottom left.
The big circle is between one medium circle and seven small circles.
In left side one medium circle and 2 small circles.
In right side five small circles.
The medium circle's color is orange.
The small circle's color is yello.
The olive leaf's colour is yellow green.
The olive berry's color is olive.
Background black mean the Space.
The big blue circle mean the Earth.
The olive leaf is a symbol of Peace.
One medium circle in bottom left mean Sun.
Seven small circles mean the solar system planet.
From bottom left Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.
The flag mean the peace of all of the world and all of the space.

Rie's design
In the middle, there is a symbol. A symbol that looks like a snake. This flag has gradation background. The meaning of the gradation is the variety of people on earth. There are various races, but it is connected like slow gradation. The ring formed snake represent the state that without opening and ending.

Shouko's design
The Earth is full of dreams.
I was represented by a star that dream.
Big dream, a small dream.
There is a dream of various shapes.
All its wonderful.
That dream come true and Holding Hands is people from all over the world.
The message "Holding Hands".
Blue is the color of the earth.
Also easy to match the skin of any color is purple.

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