Friday, 20 May 2016

After-reading - robots in Japan

Aibo and Asimo are the personal robots that Japan can boost to the world.

Aibo was introduced in 1999 by Sony and created a new market of “entertainment robot” or “pet robot”. It was the first robot that made people to think to have a robot at home and the sales of it went quite successful. Some people even now keep their own Aibo at home and feel as if it is a part of their family. While many people got bored with their pets, some people are facing “pet loss” when their Aibo “dies” for not being able to get fixed as Sony stopped producing the parts any more.

Introduction of Asimo in 1996 also surprised people for its high technology that Honda had achieved. Walking on two feet, Asimo was the first biped robot designed to be a multifunctional mobile assistant. It is said that before marketing in Europe Honda wanted to ensure Christian countries would not resist man-shaped robot, so they sent delegates to the pope for his opinion. The answer from the Pope was “Honda’s invention is one of God’s will”.

After the introduction of Asimo, many makers around the world started to develop humanoid robots. It seems that we will soon be able to make robot friends in next few decades, and possible have C3PO and R2D2 as member of our family.

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