Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Postcard from Astana, Kazakhstan

Dear Jim,

An apartment block in Astana
I went to Astana in Kazakhstan. There was Asia rhythmic gymnastics competition and I was working as Japan's judge. Our team won the gold medal. There were a lot of great performances over five days. I was very busy. 

Astana is a very beautiful city. There is a lot of development, with big buildings and apartments in the center. My hotel was lovely my room was large and the bed was really comfortable. At night there was a big light show.

Kazakh people eat a lot of horse meat. I did not like it very much, but other food was ok. I could eat egg-plant, gherkin, and coriander.

I made a lot of new friends, from Iran, Singapore, Thailand, India, North Korea, and Taiwan.

The weather was great - sunny every day but nice and cool. I like Kazakhstan but it is a very long way; I had to wait for seven hours in Tashkent.

From Aoi

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