Monday, 30 May 2016

After reading - Stories from the Five Towns

Which was your favorite story? 

Why (or why didn't you like one of the other stories)? 

The most favorite story of the five stories is “The burglary”. Sir Jee was neither good man nor bad man, he just had a lot of money and used it for himself ,not for the other people. We can easily imagine such kind of man around us. So, it is very funny that Sir Jee was trying to bluff but got taken easily in by the thief conversely.

 This story is a good lesson for us. In case we got a lot of money, we should use it for the other people, not only for my own. The worst story for me is “The silent brothers”. I could not like all characters in this story. The brothers are so adamant and stupid. They can talk each other if there is any chance to get lots of money. They should have recognized how they wasted their time earlier than Annie tested in love for her. Annie and Powell looks good people, but they tested the brothers and put them in one room finally… I could not understand why he did. If he was a good friend of them, I think there is another way to guide them back to the right path.

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