Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Reiko - My typical morning and afternoon

At weekday, I usually get up about 5:45-6:00. Then I usually make my husband's lunchbox. And I wake my children up and serve their breakfast. I always take Hinata and Hikari to school with Hiro at 7:10 on foot. I go back home at 8:00. Then I usually have breakfast and do housework. I take Hiro to kindergarden at 9:00 by car. Then I usually do housework but I go to English classe on Tuesday.
At weekend, I usually get up at 7:00, because my children get up early by theirself. My husband always has work half a day or all day at the weekend, I usually have breakfast with my children and do housework.

I usually have lunch about 12:00 at home, but sometimes have lunch with my friend at restaurant. I always pick up Hiro from kindergarden at 15:00, Then I sometimes pick up Hikari and Hinata from school. Then I always take my children to their English classes piano and gymkids at weekday. I usually go back home about 18:00-18:30, then I make dinner.

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