Friday, 20 April 2018

After reading_Missing in sydney

When I stayed in Fiji, I went to beautiful island as one-day trip. (I forgot the name of island.)
The sea was extremely beautiful. The water was clear and I could see tropical fish in the water. I did snorkeling in the sea. It was really fantastic!! I saw fishes called Amphiprion which became a model for Disney movie of Nimo. They were really cute and tiny.I did not expect to watch the Nimo in the sea, so I was very impressed.
As the water was very clean, there were corals. It was first time for me to see real corals. And I did not know that corals were dangerous. When I was snorkeling, I wore sandals to protect my feet, but I did not were anything for my shins.. So, my shins were bloody and it was like horror movie when I got out from the sea. There was a happening, but it’s good experience.

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