Friday, 6 April 2018

Story telling in the future tense - Predicting Josh's future

As a final writing task after practising using 'will' & 'going to' for future predictions, I set up a creative writing task to make predictions about the futures of 4 high school friends, using the visual prompts on the worksheet to help them generate ideas. Do you agree with the examples of 'will' & 'going to' in these texts?

Josh's future:

Josh is going to drop out of high school because he deside to become musician. Soon, he is going to become a street musician and work part time job. But his song won't popular, he will be depressed.

3 years later he is going to work in a music shop. He is going to work hard and hard, he is going to the top of the music shop.

He is going to be a little rich man, so he is going to try to be a musician again. He is going to compose and play by YouTube.

One day his music video is going to popular. He will be happy. He is going to quit the music shop. He will have ambition to become famous musician.

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