Thursday, 5 April 2018

Story telling in the future tense - Predicting Gemma's future

As a final writing task after practising using 'will' & 'going to' for future predictions, I set up a creative writing task to make predictions about the futures of 4 high school friends, using the visual prompts on the worksheet to help them generate ideas. Do you agree with the examples of 'will' & 'going to' in these texts?

Gemma's future:

Gemma loves sports, especially snowboarding. In winter she goes snowboarding every weekend. Even in summer she does hard training for snowboarding.

She is going to get a snowboarding scholarship from a university. She is going to take part in a lot of games. She is going to win in some games.

She is going to be an Olympian of the Winter Olympics. She will get a bronze medal at first entry. She is going to be famous. In the next Winter Olympics she is going to get a silver medal. Just before her third entry in Winter Olympics, she will break her leg during practice.

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