Thursday, 12 April 2018

My home town

I live in Matsumoto city which is commercial city in Nagano prefecture. It's has poplation 200000 people. It's near The Japan Alps and old castle. So.a lot of tourist visit here all year round.

My home town is beautiful and safe. Important tourist attractions are Matsumoto castle and traditional street name is Nakamati close castle. You can also see The Japanese Alps. The most famous peak is Jonen. It's 2880meters high it looks like Mt.Fuji.

The weather is severe, summer season is hot and humid, winter season is terribly cold.

It's famous for Matsumoto Castle constructed 400years ago. It's almost all black, It looks like a crow so it's called Crow castle.

The best things about Matsumoto are it has good soba restaurant, and kind people. I love Matsumoto.

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