Thursday, 12 July 2018

Gandhi, non-violent activist

I have heard of the name, Gandhi, but I really don’t know about him, so I researched him.

He was born in India with wealthy parents. He was trained to be a lawyer at Inner Temple in London. He became a lawyer in South Africa for the first time, but he was struggled for racism in South Africa. He first started non-violent activity in South Afriica. He returned to India in the beginning of 18th, and He worked to decrease unfair tax of land against the government.

He seized the heart of India’s people and guided them to win their right. However, some people thought that Gandhi was too soft against their enemy. They assassinated Gandhi by gun, and Gandhi had to die at 78 years old. I’m sure that Gandhi have a good influence to the modern society, and we should never forget about his work.

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