Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Tour de France - prediction

A very quick prediction from the sofa cyclist, after everyone's well-considered and in depth Football World Cup predictions (and congrats to Karen S who did really well in her Cambridge YLE yesterday ON TOP of getting France in the sweepstakes!)

The peleton is coming home, my friends, in a UK tricolour. Before the real action starts in the hills today (yes, the rough stuff was very grim on Sunday), I'm calling it for Wales and a G spot on the top of the podium in Paris. Yes, Team Sky will have to back the new lad in order to keep Adam Yates at bay.

1. G Thomas
2. A Yates
3. C Froome

Unfortunately, my man Cav seems to be off max gas this year, but I'll still back him for the last sprint down the Champs Elysee. And the Union Jacks will be flying in France...remember mystic Jim said it first!

By the way, two excellent podcasts for anyone interested...

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