Monday, 30 July 2018

Will Yamaga be promoted to J1? - A mock newspaper article

Now Yamaga are top of J2. Can they remain there?

They won the last game 2-1 against Omiya Ardija although the midfielder of Yamaga was ejected with a red card and the score was behind at 0-1 at the half. The second half of the game Yamaga players did a great job and came from behind.

Recently two main players have moved to Nagoya Grampus and Jef United Chiba and some players were injured, so the condition of the team is not so good. However, there are many brilliant substitutes in Yamaga. All members play aggressively and enthusiastically.

The matches will continue until November. There are 16 games remaining. To keep top of the league, it is important for Yamaga to maintain the recent strategy, return the injured players and strengthen regular class players.

We don’t doubt their promotion to J1. Yamaga give their supporters and Matsumoto citizens powers. We believe in their wins because they keep moving during games and are tireless thanks to their hard training. Above all, the head coach, Mr. Sorimachi has a reputation as a great commander. Yamaga unite behind him. There is nothing without promotion.

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