Saturday, 7 July 2018

World Cup 2018 prediction

2018 World Cup progress report for Group E.

So far in group E, there have been 4 games.

The most exciting game was Brazil vs Switzerland. The final score was 1-1.

Pre-tournament favorites Brazil failed to win their opening games.

In the other games, results here

-       The score of Costa Rica vs Serbia was 0-1. Kolarov scored spectacular free-kick.

-       The score of Brazil vs Costa Rica was 2-0. Coutinho and Neymar bailed Brazil out with stoppage-time strikes.

-       The score of Serbia vs Switzerland, 1-2. Xherdan Shaqiri scored brilliant solo 90th-minute winner.

I think Brazil will probably beat Serbia and Switzerland might beat Costa Rica.

This will mean that Brazil win the group and play the runners-up of group F in the round of 16, and the runners up will play the winner of group H.

I think the round of 16 games will be Brazil vs France and Russia vs England.
Barzil has won many times in World Cup, so they might beat France.
Russia has been succesful in World Cup 2018. I would like them to play more, but their luck will probably end at the game with England.

My prediction for the quarter finalists is that Brazil and England will progress.

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