Thursday, 6 February 2020

An interview with the lodger - Notting Hill after reading

Question : Hello Spike , you are one of the friends of William, right?

Spike : Yes, I am one of the most important friends of William and Anna.

Question : When did you notice about their love?

Spike: It was at the first sight of Anna, was in William’s house.

Question: What did you think about her at the moment?

Spike: I thought “Wow!!” I met her first in the bathroom. I couldn’t believe the woman was Anna Scott!!

Question: What was your impression of Anna?

Spike: She is nice and friendly then I have thought... and she is kind of candid person. 

Question: What do you think about William?

Spike: He is a sort of sensitive person....stubborn and serious, sometimes nervous but very lovely guy actually. It seemed he had been living in a beautiful and sad dream since he has met Anna. 

Question: Are there anything you want to say?

Spike: Anna and William’s story is a great love story, must be more beautiful than films!! I hope that it becomes a movie and I want to play the role of “Spike”!! And if it possible I would like to be a lodger of their house!!

Interviewer - Teruki M

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