Saturday, 1 February 2020

Invitation for tea

Hi, Mariko
How are you?  I hope everything is going well with you. I want to talk to you because a long time passed since I met you last Nov. We usually met once a month or more frequently, so I am anxious that you are fine.
Would you like to come home for tea?  I have some sweets which I want you to eat.How about the weekend after next? I am free on either Feb. 08 (Sat) or 09 (Sun).If you are available at the next weekend, I will wait for you at 14:00 at my house. Please check with your husband if he can also come to my house.If you have any other convenience date, please let me know.
We look forward to seeing/talking to you in the near future. Please come to my house empty-handed.

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