Thursday, 13 February 2020

Notting Hill - what are friends for?

Firstly, I think the kindest friend is Max. He organised Honey's birthday party and some dinner
parties for William to introduce him to some ladies, although his cooking was not so good. He also took Bella to the press conference, when she almost gave up joining them.

Secondly, the funniest one is Spike. He has his own style, which is usually quite odd for others; wearing goggles and a scuba diving suit, or T-shirts with silly words on them. He enjoys his life in his own funny way.

Then, I like Honey the best. She is honest and cheerful, and tries to help her brother William. When she saw Anna for the first time, she was very excited, which is quite natural and very understandable. If I saw a famous actress, I would be very excited but I wouldn't act like Honey to show my excitement, so I'd probably just stare at the famous star and be unable to say a word.

Mostly, William's friends are all important to him. They are always there for him, whether he is up or down. They have their own interests and their own lives with their different jobs, but when any of them needs help, they always lend a hand.

Anna would be very happy and comfortable to join them with William, they will come and help her, and she will help them as well. That's what friends are for.

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