Friday, 8 January 2021

Life of wild animals and the role of Zoos

I think that the zoos are especially importance for children to see/know animals and to learn how important it is to treat the animals gently because animals and humans cannot communicate easily. From my experience which had two dogs before, I think that if we have chances to see/know lots of animals, the ability to think how someone feel or to care a lot about someone is improved. However, it is not necessary to keep wild animals in zoos. It is ideal to keep the animals injured or neglected by their parents in the zoos in semi-natural enclosure, but we will not be able to see and enjoy a wide variety of animal in zoos and to let them have a friend/partner to spend/play together. Unfortunately, I have no solution to keep current wide of variety of animals in zoos and not to take wild animals, but hope that zoos are improved to have wide semi-natural enclosure for their animals so that the animals live happily without stress in wide semi-natural enclosure and the family will grow.

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