Friday, 12 October 2007

Best blog I have found

I found this blog through listening to Broadcasting House (BH) podcast from the BBC, one I listen to regularly and recommend thoroughly.

It is difficult to explain, but I'll try. Ninety years ago a young Englishman went off to fight in the 'Great' War - as did hundreds of thousands 1914-8. A generation of letter writers - mostly dead. I visited a couple of WWI cemeteries in northern France when I was a boy - and I can remember them vividly now. Seeing them had an enormous impact on me.

Anyway, this young man's grandson found an old pile of dusty brown letters in his parents' cupboard when they were cleaning up. They were going to be thrown away, but he read a couple.

He didn't throw them away. He is posting the letters to this blog, on the day and date 90 years after they were written from the trenches. I guess the English will appear rather 'formal' by modern standards - not a bad thing.

I don't find personal blogs interesting at all - instant biography? - but this is what the internet does best. Please have a look, and report back?

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