Monday, 15 October 2007

Rugby World Cup Final - open invitation

Anybody who would like to watch the rugby World Cup final next Sunday morning (yes, it really does start at 4am) can come to Luna & watch on the big screen. School will be open from midnight, and we'll be watching some comedy/sport to get us in the mood/keep us awake. Friends welcome.
Please email me if you're coming - very important, BYO!
(Bring Your See you in your white England shirts?!


  1. Ho hum; so close and yet so far! we had a small crowd at Luna, and I was outnumbered by 'Boks. We all enjoyed the tension as well as the spectacle; a bruising match with 100% commitment. Proud of England's performance throughout; South Africa worthy champions.

    Double homework for all my students this week though!


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