Monday, 8 October 2007

Love story

"Love Story", this movie was a great hit in 1970. It's an old-fashioned love story and a predictable ending. I don't think today's young people are interested in this kind of story, but there's another love story in it. It's a deep love between the father and the son.

The son was born in a rich and famous family and he always feels it tightly, but he can't change his background. As a result he is unkind to his father. The father is a rich banker and always behaves kindly and tenderly to his son. He accepts everything of his son even if he knows that he is disliked by his son. The father just loves the son and wants to help the son, but the son wants to live without the father's support.
When the son needs a lot of money for his wife's serious disease, at last he asks his father to lend it without the reason. The father says nothing and helps his son. After the death of the son's wife, he accepts his father, because his wife leaves a message and he learns that "Love means you never have to say you're sorry."

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jim said...

An excellent first blog Chisato - well done and thank you very much for sharing your work. I'm glad you enjoyed the book - love is never old-fashioned, is it?!

I look forward to all the other students being 'brave' now. You are my new pet student!