Friday, 10 December 2010

Little readers getting extensive practice

 Despite the lack of space in my classroom lately (full of boxes and desks from our internal move - ready for the 'big move'), my students have been working up a storm.

Moeka is as cute as a button and smart as well; she was quickly finished with our puzzle from Primary Colours matching up letters and finding the odd one out. Now we can just about recognise big and small letters from Aa to Nn - bu the boys are not as quick as the girls!

My boys on Monday are climbing their reading tree very bravely - they loved seeing Biff tackle a dragon in this book, and are very good at reading aloud. It will be a while before they are reading A Night at the Museum, like my girls on Tuesday evening are trying. Words like "Akhmenrah", "Smithsonian", and "Earhardt" are unusual; but we'd seen the film and wanted to try it!

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