Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The New Faces - Team Twenty-teens

Amongst all the fuss we have been making about Yuki and Tana leaving, and 'Oh woe, how will the school ever survive etc?' we have overlooked the fact that we have two new and extremely good members of staff.

This has been easy to overlook because...they are both very good at what they do, and come to us with a lot of valuable experience.

It goes without saying that Yukari knows Jim quite well. It is a shame Jim is not the same person she married at work. All of Yukari's experience dealing with difficult customers, cultural differences, the unexpected, English language, and planning, as a tour guide with NTB will be needed to cope with the pressures at our language school. Jim has to understand there is a new sheriff in town!

Kevin has smoothly occupied Tana's classroom slippers with an untrumpeted, calm assurance that belies the massive change this has been for him, arriving after a year working in the rarefied atmospheres of Singapore's British Council...fitting in to a new flat, adjusting to the COLD, and a classroom full of boxes/school on the brink of relocating.

We are very lucky indeed to have two such competent and cheery professionals pick up the reins. We are destined for a very exciting new year, and an all new (well, apart from haggard Jim) team to drag us into the twenty-teens. Thank you Yukari & Kevin for accepting the challenge!

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