Saturday, 4 December 2010

We toast Yuki & Tana a fond farewell

A massive thank you to Yukari for organising a very good party for Yuki & Tana's farewell, and to Tomoko for her help on the night. We had a really good turn out of students, former students, mums and brothers & sisters - the younger ones enjoying the crawl space under the tables to have their own little party!

The waitresses were not the fastest, so by the end of the evening we had a backlog of drinks on the tables that we were forced to abandon. Criminal!

There was a steady stream of good food, which found a hungry audience - the kids devouring all the spring rolls as soon as they arrived. The layout was less than useful for speeches, which was a relief, instead messages flew around by paper and on a voice recorder - I'll be cleaning up the background noise if I can. Presents also landed on Yuki's lap and Tana's, which were very gratefully received.

It was all over in a blink - unlike both girls' time with the school. Some of us carried on to a second party, babes in arms headed home. Thank you everyone for coming, as well as for all the messages from those who couldn't make it, far and wide. We gave them a good send of, but it won't be quite the same as having them around all the time!

Meantime...anyone got any good photos? Please email them to Jim!

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