Thursday, 9 December 2010

Takuro's opinion - What I think of football as a sport

Rush goalieImage by ijiwaru jimbo via FlickrFootball is a very popular sport in the world. Most of the people I know seem to like football. Professional footballers earn a lot of money every year.I have heard that earn over 100 million pounds a year.
Dummy runImage by ijiwaru jimbo via Flickr
You can do football at any place anytime.The rules are simple and easy to learn for everyone.You don't need much special equipment, and you don't need special clothes. Football brings people together, not only players, but friends and supporters. Footballers get to travel to many countries and get to know many places. It is easy to learn and you can always improve your game. Also you can practice by yourself in your spare time. Mostly, football is fun to play with your friends.

Some supporters sometimes get too excited at the match, and sometimes too bored. Sometimes maybe you have to travel a long time to see the match you want. Also, some tickets are expensive and it is difficult to get them. Footballers can get injured, and it can be serious.

A Soccer ball.Image via WikipediaIn my opinion, football is my favourite sport. I can get fit by playing football. When I score a goal, it makes me happy and fun. Also football is a good participation sport.

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